BestDriving School’s competitive edge is that we work as a team and follow a uniform program sequence or comprehensive method of instruction. We teach based on International Standards and we have a team of instructors who are well-trained, professional, innovative & knowledgeable in their field. Student development is closely monitored by our Senior Training Instructor and CEO.  All of our vehicles are no more than 5 years and all well-conditioned. We do not process LTO permits or licenses but we offer free guidance in getting student permit (SP), passing written license exam and road test evaluation. We provide flexible packages to suit your specific needs because we value your time and money

You may avail of the following services:

Our practical driving lessons cover:

  • Basic Footwork Coordination & Application
  • Proper Steering & Maneuver Exercise
  • Starting Uphill & Downhill Exercise
  • Reverse & Backing Exercise
  • Parallel & Vertical/Bay Parking Exercise
  • Traffic Management and Rules of the Road

For students who have already taken the Basic Course but want to enhance their driving skill. Students may choose to take this per session (2 hrs) or avail of the slightly discounted 6-hour package.

What better way to test your driving skill, get to know the vehicle, and learn to adjust to different road conditions than to take a long scenic drive to the South, North or Central Cebu? This is a guided drive with instructor to ensure your safety. This program is designed for student drivers who have already taken the Basic Course or with driving experience already.

a. Cebu City to BALAMBAN to Cebu City (minimum 4 hrs per session)
b. Cebu City to NORTH CEBU to Cebu City (4-6 hrs per session)
c. Cebu City to SOUTH CEBU to Cebu City (4-6 hrs per session)


A 2 to 3-hr basic driver’s education geared towards the development or enhancement of defensive maneuvering techniques, understanding the rules of the road and general safety guidelines in accordance to local and/or international Traffic Rules & Regulations. Call us for schedules. Prior reservation is required.

Our CEO, who is a nationally certified trainer/assessor by TESDA, conducts proficiency skills assessment for drivers required by their company to be certified by a professional driving school. The driving evaluation covers Observation & Traffic Management, Space Management, Steering /Defensive Maneuver Skill, Communication, Driving Management and Parking Skill. We issue the company the checklist results along with a proficiency certificate if the client passes the assessment. For the ultimate package, we encourage clients to undergo the Road Safety Seminar prior to assessment, for a deeper understanding of the basic rules of the road.

For convenience, we offer this service to our students who have accomplished their basic course or those who can satisfactorily drive already. The client needs to secure a slot first with LTO for his/her practical driving exam, after passing the required written exam.
The company or its Instructors reserve the right to refuse clients deemed not ready to handle vehicle upon evaluation. If not ready, booked hour will still be paid, and shall be used for driving lesson instead. Client will be held responsible for any liability incurred during rental period.

A good driving lesson is a gift for life. Surprise someone special or reward a hardworking staff this season with the opportunity to develop a new skill for success. BestDriving lesson vouchers or gift certificates are available for sale year-round. Same package rates apply. We offer FREE DELIVERY within our boundaries.

6 comments on “SERVICES
  1. Soraya says:

    hi I don’t have a student’s permit yet but needs to learn how to drive a car ASAP. Do you also assist in getting an SP?

    • Hi Soraya,
      We don’t facilitate Student Permits but it’s very easy to get at any LTO branch. Just bring a copy of your birth certificate.
      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Ma teresa delapena says:

    Hi,i would like to know if the 10hrs driving class include trainings in the main/national/highway roads of cebu city?coz im taking drriving class in dubai now and im going home in cebu this july im planning to take up more classes there before i take my assesment and road test here in dubai.i really need to build up my confidence in the in my 40 classes practical training Already,so dili nalang ko mu attend any lectures sa inyu school maam?i need to get more driving practice in busy strts of cebu,pwede bana?pls reply .thank u

  3. Ma teresa delapena says:

    do i get to decide my own schedule?cause im really hoping to do my driving lessons there everyday atleast 5days straight for this 10hours ? Thanks best driving i will defenitely give you a call as soon as im back there..

    • Hi Maam,

      Yes, you may choose your preferred time slot from our daily schedule: 8AM, 10AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM. However, this is subject to availability, first come – first served basis. Best to book in advance to secure your preferred times.

      Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

      BestDriving School

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