Operating since 2007, and having trained over a thousand local and international student drivers, BestDriving School is currently one of the leading companies of its kind in Cebu. We take pride in having the best professional instructors as well as the most dynamic fleet of training vehicles in Cebu. We are always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ways to answer the ever-changing needs of the industry, and we are excited at the prospect of extending our training services to you.

BestDriving School is founded by Remarie Wilbur Legados, one of the pioneering driving instructors in Cebu.  As the company CEO and nationally certified trainer and assessor by TESDA, he personally developed the BestDriving training programs and modules– carefully crafted and refined after over 18 years of experience in the field. He continues to lead the development and growth of the company with his team of personally- trained instructors and drivers.


20 comments on “ABOUT BESTDRIVING
  1. Mark Oliver Retuya says:

    Good day. Please send me your rate..iv been driving for five years already with an automatic transmission but i want to learn how to drive our new ride which has a manual transmission..thank you..

  2. hi do you have a diesel vehicle like sportivo? what MT card do you have. i have been driving most of the time AT cars and I have a 3.0 Dsl Hi-ace, and i have no confidence to drive it.

    • Hi,

      Yes, we have a Mitsubishi Adventure with diesel engine, similar to sportivo.
      For more information, kindly contact us at 2664542/ 2670318 or through any of our mobile numbers.

      Thanks and good day!

  3. Coleen Calapis says:

    Kudos and thank you to Sir Steve of Best Driving School! His dedication and professionalism is very commendable. Thanks also to Sir Richie!

  4. coleen says:

    Kudos and thank you to Sir Steve of Best Driving School! Your dedication is very commendable. Thanks also to Sir Richie!

  5. Rowena Arnoza says:

    Gud day sir… do u hv an avanza as training vehicle? Thnx..

  6. Patrick Q says:

    Hello, I am a US citizen and I married a filipina living in Cebu right now. Her USA visa has just been approved. I want her to take your 6 hr – Manual, 6 hr – automatic combo course this month of February as she waits for her US visa to arrive. After she completes the course, does she receive some sort of certification. I want to know if that certification will be good enough to her to get her US drivers license without having to take driving instruction here in the USA. Driving instruction here in the USA is much more expensive. Please advise. Thanks, Patrick Q

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We’d be glad to accommodate your wife this February.

      Yes, we issue the BestDriving School certificate after the course. We’ve given certificates to a lot of foreign students, but final say would really have to depend on the licensing body in the US or where you intend to apply, given their requirements.

      But whether or not they honor it, it would be great for your wife to have firsthand driving experience while still in the Philippines since yes, it is indeed cheaper to learn driving here than abroad. It would be easier for her there.

      Should you decide to push through, kindly call our office directly at (032) 2664542 / 09238478349 to book or confirm availability of preferred schedule, and arrange pick-up point. Our daily class hours are 8am -10am; 10am-12noon; 1pm-3pm; 3pm-5pm; 5pm-7pm

      Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


  7. Melody says:

    Great experience! Now I feel confident to drive. You have coooool and excellent instructors! Thank you sir Steve, sir Den2x and sir Franco. Thanks to sir Wilbur too…… ^_^

  8. chrischan says:

    Hi ! bestdrivingph .. we don’t have car yet .. but can i still get student permit from LTO? even i don’t have a car.. yet ? im planning to enroll your school this coming summer.. 🙂 but the parents of my father will let me/us borrow their car (honda civic) unless i know how to drive..”, do u have the same car ??

    • Yes, you can still secure an SP at LTO, even without a car. For sedan type, we have Mazda 2 available for manual and automatic driving. Other cars are Montero, Adventure, Strada for manual; Mirage and Celerio for automatic.

      To enroll, kindly call us at our office: 2664542 / 09238478349 / 09183765713

      BestDriving School

  9. franklin says:

    good day… ganahan unta ko mo avail ani inyong package sa manual transmission nga 10 hours, unsa pamaagi sa payment ani? taga guadalupe ko, unsay pamaagi sa pick up or meet up ani? naa nko non prof nga license restriction 1, pwede raba ko mka practice ani? mo assist pod mo if ever mo process ang inyong mga students ug license? thank you,,, nahan pd ta ko mo start ug practice karong monday, available paba inyong 10 am to 12 nn nga schedule?

    • Hi Sir,
      Thank you for choosing BestDriving. Full payment on your first session, which you can give to your instructor. Instructor can pick you up in guadalupe. To confirm and book your schedule, kindly call our office directly at 2664542/ 09238478349. Or you may also give us your no. so we can call you directly.

      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


  10. Alma says:

    Hi bestdriving, mo ask unta ko mouli ko rong june puhon. Niya mo inquire unta ko sa inyo sa car car ko puyo layo ba ng inyong school sa car car??

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