Please see our current rates below:


5,800 — 8 HRS
7,000 — 10 HRS (Recommended for A/T beginner)
8,400 — 12 HRS (Recommended for M/T beginner)
14,000 — 20 HRS (Comprehensive/ Enhanced basic course)

*Same rates apply for Combo (AT / MT) packages

ADD-ON FEES (minimum 2 hours per session):
APV (AT) PREMIUM – 100/hour
With PDC CERTIFICATE (for LTO license application) – 1,500

B. REFRESHER CLASS / CUSTOMIZED PACKAGE (minimum 2 hours per session)

(For students who have already taken the Basic Course but want to enhance their driving skill)

1,500 — 2 HRS
— 6 HRS
— 8 HRS

ADD-ON FEES (minimum 2 hours per session):
APV (AT) PREMIUM – 100/hour
With PDC CERTIFICATE (for LTO license application) – 1,500

(For students who want to learn their Basic Course together (by pair) at the same time, in the same training unit)

 8 HRS3,300 per student / 6,600 per pair
10 HRS4,000 per student / 8,000 per pair
12 HRS4,800 per student / 9,600 per pair
20 HRS8,000 per student / 16,000 per pair
*Same rates apply for Combo (AT / MT) packages

* This applies to Basic Courses (with set program sequence) only and does not include refresher or customized packages.
* Fixed pickup and drop off points for both students to maximize time
* Minimum and Maximum of two students per class only. No riders allowed.
* Both students must be present in each session for class booking to be accepted to ensure continuity of the program module sequence.
* Rates above entail random use of training units. Shared add-on charges apply for exclusive use and night classes.

(For student drivers who have already taken the Basic Course or with driving experience already)

a. Cebu City to BALAMBAN to Cebu City (minimum 4 hrs per session)
b. Cebu City to NORTH CEBU to Cebu City (4-6 hrs per session)
c. Cebu City to SOUTH CEBU to Cebu City (4-6 hrs per session)

– 4 HRS
– 6 HRS

(Prior reservation is required. Seminar runs for 2-3 hours)

Group Booking (maximum of 15 persons) – 5,000 per group

Practical Driving Assessment with Certificate (if passed) | 1 HR1,500 per person
Road Safety Seminar + Driving Assessment w/ Certificate | 3 HRS – 2,500 per person

*All Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


Quick Enrollment Process:

Just text your name, pick up area, and the package you wish avail to any of our mobile numbers, and you will receive a text or call from the office for confirmation of available schedule.

Important Notes:

* Requirement: Student Permit (SP)
* Full payment on the first day of class.
* We allocate 2 hrs per session.
* We pick up students within our boundaries.
* No minors and riders allowed during class session.
* If you wish to change schedule, please inform the office at least a day before your class schedule. Same-day cancellation is not allowed. No-show or cancellation on the same day of driving class will forfeit the scheduled hours of the day and payment will be non-refundable.
* Training hours must be consumed within 6 months from date of enrollment. Unused hours thereafter will be considered forfeit and non-refundable.
* No refund after one month from date of enrollment.
* Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

For more info, please call us at (032) 266-4542 / 09985375648 / 09178588796.


We allocate 2 hrs per session. We have classes from Monday to Sunday with these time slots:

8AM – 10 AM
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
4 PM – 6 PM

We also offer night class from 7 PM – 9 PM, but subject to add-on charge of 100 per hour or 200 per session.


50 comments on “RATES & PACKAGES
  1. kent harold sagario says:

    i would like to avail the 10 hours manual driving. my location is in jugan consolacion cebu. do u have available schedule tomorrow?

  2. eva viacrucis says:

    good day! I wanted to learn driving our vehicle is isuzu crosswind manual…do you have similar type of vehicle for school driving? And how much is the rate? thank u for ur attention.


    • Hi Ms. Eva,

      We have a Mitsubishi Adventure (manual) available at P4500 for 10 hrs. (2 hrs per session).

      To confirm schedule kindly call us at our office 2664542 / 09183765713.

      Thanks for your inquiry and hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Alvin Nietes says:

    what if with own car, how much is your rate

    • Hi Mr. Alvin,

      It would depend on the type of car, Sir. For manual sedan-type, we charge 300/hr for instruction.

      To confirm, kindly call us through any of our office nos.



  4. noel says:

    unsay requirements? ang ako license is non prof code restriction 23 then bag o lang na expire…do i need to renew first before ko mag pa enroll sa inyo driving school?

  5. mark says:

    I just have my license pero ang restriction is 1 lang, pwede na ba na to enroll driving class or i need to do something? (magkuha SP)

  6. Ellen says:

    Hello, can I proceed with driving lessons if on the works pa akong student license?

    • Hi Ellen, let’s just wait for your Student Permit to be safe… SP processing in LTO usually just takes less than a day, so no need to wait for long.
      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!


  7. Jazeel Magdadaro says:

    Hi. Unsay requirements?

  8. Mashael says:

    Hi I’m from dumaguete but here in Dubai now, I wanted to know if how many weeks is the driving leassons? Or what about if I don’t have a license any advice pls in tnx…

  9. Mashael says:

    I have no license or have any driving experience. What do I need before enrolling for the driving classes? Do your rates include taking the driving test after the set of classes prior to obtaining my full license? Thanks Mashael

    • Hi Mashael,

      You need to secure a Student’s Permit from any LTO branch, then you can begin your driving lessons. It’s very easy — just bring a photocopy of your birth certificate, fill-out the LTO form, and, in under 30 mins (depending on how many people are applying), you can get your SP.
      The driving test is conducted by the LTO, the government agency commissioned to issue our licenses. BestDriving School can only issue a certificate that you have passed your lessons with us after completing your program.

      For more information, you may contact us directly through any of our office nos. posted here in the website.

      Thanks and hope this helps.
      BestDriving School

  10. Lydie Fe says:

    hi! Do you have driving lessons for ford everest like vehicles (manual) and how much would it be? If i could also avail of your combo package, that would be nice.. I have studied a manual multicab before but im not sure if i still know how to drive and our place doesnt have traffic lights so i havent tried driving in cities.. I am still going to get a new student’s permit because my old one already expired. Where do i get it here in Cebu? Thank you!

    • Hi Lydie,

      We have the Mitsubishi Montero, Adventure and Strada available for manual driving lessons.
      You may get your student permit in any LTO branch here in Cebu. Just bring a copy of your birth certificate.
      To confirm your class schedule with us or for more information, kindly call our office at 2664542 / 09238478349 / 09183765713.

      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
      BestDriving School

  11. lydie fe says:

    Thank you. 1 last thing, asa ko ma belong since naka.try nko ug manual na multicab? Sa refresher or sa beginner jud? And if possible katong combo. Pila gay to ang rate? Para ma prepare sako parents ang money. Before ko mu confirm sa class. Thanks again!

  12. mashael says:

    Hi my name is mashael, for how many momths is the driving leassons? In how many months that i can get have a license? Pls i need to know cuz im here in dubai but if its quiker i will take a flight necessary to take a leasson. Pls asap po thank you.

    • Hi Mashael,

      We have packages from 10-20 hours, depending on your preference. We allocate 2 hours per session and schedule is flexible depending on availability. Most of our students finish the course in 5-7 days. You may secure your Driver’s License in any LTO branch, processing usually takes 1-2 days.

      BestDriving School

  13. Ivy Marie Sandiego says:

    Do you assist in getting SP?

    • No Ma’am. It’s easy to secure an SP at any LTO branch. You just need to bring a copy of your birth certificate. Normal processing time is just 30 mins to an hour.

      BestDriving School

  14. Jay-R says:


    My wife is very interested to learn and we have our own car, honda city. Can you teach her with our own car to use and what would be your rate for that?

  15. Jay-R says:

    And since she has no idea yet of how to drive, can you teach her like a beginner? What would be the rate for that using our own car?

    • Hi Sir,

      For beginners, we really discourage use of own car until they’ve undergone the basic driving modules, for safety reasons.
      We can still allow use of own car, but we would require that at least for the first 2-3 sessions (first half), we will use our training cars. Use of own car would mean that the risk is yours. Same rate applies: P400 per hour. We allocate 2 hours per session.

      For clarification or more information, kindly call us at our office: 2664542 / 09238478349 / 09183765713

      BestDriving School

  16. Mon says:

    Sir, apil na ani ang process sa license?

  17. narlyn says:

    Hello. taga danao mi. where inyo location? Okay ba every saturday sunday Nga sched?

    • Ok ra weekends Maam. To confirm or book schedule, please call our office at 2664542/09238478349. We’re located in 901 Y Oliva St., Mambaling, but you may just call our office directly to enroll. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

      BestDriving School

  18. Aljames Lawan says:

    Dear Best Driving,

    I would like to know if ok ra ba ako mgbuot sa schedule nga 2 hrs per day any days of month? bisag unsa nga adlaw ako gusto ky usahay bz bya ko. Nya naa moy certificate after sa session?
    Thank you and More Power.

    • Hi Sir,

      Yes we may plot your preferred schedule provided it’s open or still available. We accept bookings on a first come, first served basis.

      Yes, we issue a certificate after you complete the program.

      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

      BestDriving School

  19. John Leonard says:

    I have a question. After successfully completed the module and received the certificate, can you upgrade your SP to drivers license immediately?

    • Hi sir,

      Processing of SP and Driver’s License may be done at LTO only. We can only issue a certificate of completion for your classes.


      BestDriving School

  20. Kimberly Arapoc says:

    Hi im from consolacion. Is it okay that the location in driving is just here around mandaue? Because it is far there in mambaling maybe i would be late 😦

    • We have different areas per session maam, depending on the lesson.
      Our instructors are flexible. We can arrange pickup/dropoff of students within our boundaries (mandaue is included)


      BestDriving School

  21. Mers says:

    wala pa gyud ko nahibaw-an about driving.first time pa nako.unsa inyo ika suggest?kung mo kuha ko sa 10 hours nga lesson makabalo badayon ko mo drive?bisan og 1o hrs. ra?

    • Hi Maam/Sir,

      We would recommend the 12-hour program for beginners to cover the basic lessons. From there, we can evaluate if you need more sessions or not and for which module. Kindly just contact our office at 2664542/ 09238478349 to book your classes or for more information. We would be glad to discuss your options.

      Thank you.

      BestDriving School

  22. Elbert Paul says:

    Hi Maam/Sir,

    Mangutana lng ko if ang 10 hrs package kay pwd ihati sa duha ka student. 5 hrs sila para makatipid or dle or unsa iyo masuggest para makatipid ang duha ka student kay amo budget kay Php 5000 lng. Thank you kaayo! Have a good day!

    • HI Sir,

      If the students have a bit of experience in driving already, they may take our refresher courses which are cheaper.
      For beginners, we highly suggest that they take our 12-hr program to cover all basic lessons. But if you want, we also offer per hour rates to start. We allocate two hours per session. For more information, kindly call our office directly at 2664542 / 09238478349 / 09183765713.

      BestDriving School

  23. harry says:

    Hi bestdriving, I want to enrol,and Can I start asap?bcoz I only hav few days left here in pinas.i have SP and I want to learn the manual,for how much?

    • Hi Sir,

      Our 12-hr basic program for manual car is P4,800. You may also view our complete rates and packages on this page. To confirm booking or schedule, kindly call our office directly at 2664542 / 09238478349 / 09183765713.

      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

      BestDriving School

  24. lou says:

    Im from leyte is it okay f here ko mgkuha og student permit?

  25. Mitch says:

    Hi Best Driving!
    Unsa inyo ma suggest naa mi own automatic car, beginner ko as in zero knowledge about driving, etc. What kind of lesson akong e.take is it automatic or manual? Thank you.

    • Hi Mitch,

      If your car is automatic, we suggest you take the automatic 10 or 12-hr driving lessons. This program covers the basics and is quite easy to learn compared to manual.

      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

  26. Reslie says:

    Hi Sir/Maam,

    I just want to ask if is it ok to enrol 4-6 hrs program only? I already have a bit experience of driving, so am I qualified to enrol the refresher course or I should take the beginners course? I already have my drivers license also, non prof restriction is 1,2. Thanks. 😊

    • HI Reslie, if you already have experience in driving, then yes, you may take the Refresher Course. We can assess from there if you need to take on additional classes later on. Thanks

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